Terms of Use

Welcome to Noa's website at www.noabiscuit.com (hereinafter: the "Site").


  1. The website is a website which is intended to provide educational content and makes available to the users of the website (hereinafter: "the users" or "the user") the option to purchase a subscription to watch videos intended to teach children the English language.
  2. If you are using the Site, you are requested to thoroughly review the terms of use as set forth below. By using the Site or its services you confirm that you have read, understood, and fully accepted all provisions of these terms of use and that you agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree thereto, please refrain from making any use of the Site.
  3. The terms of use are, for purposes of convenience, formulated in masculine form only, but refer to both genders alike.
  4. Using the Site or the services of this Site, including via computer and/or mobile devices constitutes your approval to these Terms of Use.
  5. The Site is located at www.noabiscuit.com and is owned and operated by Noa Peretz address Nofar 14 Rehovot ISRAEL .
  6. The Terms of use shall be construed as a binding agreement between the user and the Site in any case of litigation. Any person over the age of 18, including a company or a legal entity incorporated in Israel, or an entity incorporated abroad is legally entitled to register and order a variety of products offered for sale on this Site, subject to the conditions listed below: the user is legally competent, over the age of 18 and is entitled to conduct transactions without the consent of his legal guardian. If any transaction is taken by a minor without the consent of a guardian, such transaction shall not subject the Site to any legal obligation. The user is the owner of a valid e-mail address.
  7. These terms of use will bind the user and its representatives, successors, and all other authorized representatives.


The Site

  1. The Site acts as a teaching platform that sales educational videos that teach kids the English language.
  2. The management of the Site undertakes great precautions and measures to provide its users with reliable and accurate content. However, the availability of products depends on additional factors and there may therefore occur incidents where some of the products will not be available for purchase. In addition, it is user’s obligation to check the characteristics of the products he wishes to purchase prior to such purchase, and to only make such purchase once user is convinced that the purchased product is suitable for his purposes. However, subject to applicable law, the Site does not warrant that the information, descriptions, and images of such products are accurate, complete, reliable, up- to-date, or do not hold any errors.


The Use of the Site

  1. The use of the Site is for personal use only. Any commercial use or any other use of the Site is strictly forbidden.
  2. The subscription on the website is personal and non-transferable.
  3. At any given time, content can be accessed from only one device
  4. The user of the Site does not acquire any rights to the Site’s content or any other intellectual property right and/or any inherent rights except for the right to privately use the website, as set forth in these terms and conditions.
  5. To remove any doubt, the Site prohibits the use of any malicious computer application or any other tool, including crawlers, robots, and the like, in order to search, scan, copy or automatically retrieve content from the Site. The creation of any database or similar collection of information containing any contents of the Site is prohibited. Without derogating from the foregoing, users are prohibited from using any applications/systems that are aimed to harvest email addresses from the Site or to collect information with respect to any other person. Hacking this Site constitutes a criminal offense. The foregoing prohibition does not relate to search engines which directly link to the Site.
  6. By using this Site, you agree to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about your identity.
  7. In any case of a concern or suspicion that any person or an entity is misusing your personal information or impersonating another person, you must immediately inform the Site.
  8. The Site may prevent user’s use of the Site at its sole discretion. The Site may also terminate a user’s use of the Site in any case where the user misused the services of the Site and/ or acted in a manner that caused damage or might cause damage or injury to the Site or other users and/ or acted unlawfully and/or did not follow the provisions of the Site’s terms of use.
  9. The Site does not warrant that the use of the website will be totally secured, accurate, complete, uninterrupted, fault-free or free from viruses, worms, other malware or other limitations to its functioning.
  10. The user undertakes to inform the Site of any offensive, misleading, or inappropriate advertising he may encounter while using the Site.
  11. The products offered for sale in the Site are original products.
  12. Change and Update of Terms of Use
  13. The Site shall make its utmost effort to update those users of changes to the terms of use and shall periodically post the relevant revisions.
  14. The user is responsible to periodically check the changes to the terms of use.
  15. User shall have no claim and / or demand against the Site regarding the implementation of such changes and / or errors and/or faults deriving from such changes.
  16. The Site shall make its utmost effort to have the website available at all times except for Saturday and Jewish holidays. However, due to unexpected errors and faults, we cannot commit to continuous availability without any fault. The Site shall endeavor to restore the operation of the website as soon as possible. The Site shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by malfunction of the website and the user shall not gain any compensation deriving hereto.


Purchase products on the website

  1. The presentation of various products in the pages of The Site does not constitute an "offer" for the avoidance of doubt; the purchase process by the user shall be regarded as "acceptance". The Site reserves the right to refuse service at its sole discretion and shall not be liable for any cancellation of orders.
  2. The Site provides videos for sale. In order to complete the acquisition process in the Site, the customer is required to provide complete personal information including the user's full name, email address, mailing address, telephone, and other relevant contact information.
  3. The process of ordering a product shall be processed by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button and completed by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" button. The client should update the quantity of products, fill in the required information in the purchase form and click on the "Secure Purchase" button.
  4. The method of payment for the products is by credit cards and Pay-Pal.
  5. The purchase order shall be completed subject to the availability of the products in stock, the confirmation of the credit card provider and the final confirmation of the Site. Following the verification of the customers' information and the confirmation from the credit card company, the Site shall process the transaction. Subsequently, the Site shall issue a confirmation note by email. The confirmation note shall include the purchase No., the number of products and their prices.
  6. The Client acknowledge that the interpretation to the terms of use shall be in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations governing the use of credit cards and laws pertaining to aspects of "remote purchase" and / or "web transaction".
  7. Delivery of digital products will be made within one business day from the moment of payment.
  8. It is the customer's responsibility to coordinate the provision of services offered for a fee within the framework of the packages, such as: Zoom calls, e-mail answers, etc.


Sales promotions

  1. The Site reserves the right to conduct sales promotions from time to time. It is clarified that the cost of the products and services at the time of the promotion does not obligate the Site in the routine (not during the days of the promotions). It is clarified that the promotions that will be published on the Site's website require the Site to sell on the website only.
  2. It is clarified that the prices of the products and / or services on the determining website are the products at the time of completion of the order and / or clearing of payment.


Return and Cancellation policy

  1. Cancellation of transactions is subjected to Consumer Protection Act 1981 and the Consumer Protection Regulations and relevant legal provisions governing consumer protection in Israel.
  2. The customer may cancel the purchase of a digital subscription within only 48 hours from the moment of payment.
  3. The customer may cancel the purchase of a package that includes services (call, email, etc.) subject to the Consumer Protection Act 1981, Consumer Protection (Cancellation of a Transaction) Regulations 2010, and other relevant legal provisions. If the cancellation is made after 48 hours, a refund will be made to offset the cost of the digital subscription.


  1. Cancellation by the Site - it is clarified that the Site is authorized to cancel and deny transactions including, but not limited to, the following cases: in case of errors or omissions including human error, product details, features, pricing etc. In case the products in questions are not in stock.
  2. Notice of cancellation of a transaction will be sent by the Site to the e-mail address of the user.


Intellectual Property

  1. ​​ The Site owns all intellectual property rights, as well as for the content appearing on the website, including website design, the layout and presentation of the information, images, graphic files, applications, computer code, text, and / or any other material belonging to this site or to a third party allowed this site to be used.
  2. The use of this website does not grant the user any ownership to the intellectual property of this site. Any infringement of intellectual property, as specified above, shall be grounds for shutting down the user account without notice. The user shall bear all the expenses incurred in the management of this site and / or any third party without derogating from any other right.
  3. It is forbidden to partially copy or fully, publicly display, distribute, publicly perform, transmit to the public, modify, adapt, or make derivative works from, sell or lease any of the content above, by any means, without the written prior consent from the Site. The users are prohibited to use the above content and trademarks appearing on the Site and / or logo of this website without the express prior written authorization from the Site.
  4. Prejudicial copyright and / or intellectual property, as specified above, shall be grounds for closing the user's account without prior notice, and the user will bear all the expenses incurred in the management of this site and / or any third party and that - without derogating from any other relief that comes to the management site. This is according to the agreement and in accordance with the law.

Data collection

  1. The Site may collect and gather all the information collected through the usage of the website.
  2. In addition, the Site may use routine data collection of the activity of the users, to provide a customized, enjoyable and efficient user experience. The customization will allow the Site to serve the users with specific interesting content and will provide the user with an easy access to this content.
  3. By using the website, you authorize the Site to use the unidentified data of you and your use of the website and to transfer it to third parties with the restriction of divulging personal information.
  4. All information collected by the Site will be maintained by this site needs listed above will not be disclosed to any third parties unless for analyzing statistical information.
  5. The Site uses "cookies" in order to serve the user with a customized content. Cookies are text files which originate from the website and stored in the system. The "cookies" allow the Site to obtain useful information about your user experience of the website including the number of visits of the website, locations visited, and the amount of time spent at each location. Based on the information collected by the cookies, the Site may store and analyze statistical information which will enable us to provide a better service to our users.
  6. Notwithstanding the above, it is hereby agreed that the Site may assign its obligations (if there is or will be) and to convert its rights at any time according to these terms and conditions, to a third party, in accordance with its sole discretion, in any way it deems appropriate. In this case will be transferred to the management of user information held by this third-party site, receive the rights to the site.
  7. The Site may contain links to external sites (hyperlinks), whether as an advertisement or not. The site is not responsible for these links and they have not been reviewed by it (including regarding their content or security). It is the responsibility of the surfer to verify the URL of each link to an external site. Use of external sites (including providing information to them) is the sole responsibility of the user.



  1. The data provided by a user of the website and targeted information regarding the patterns of use of the website by each user will be stored in the database of the website for the purpose of providing the website services. This information will not be passed on to a third party without the user's permission.
  2. In addition, the site reserves the right to collect, transmit and use statistical information provided by users of the site or collected during their browsing of the site as long as the information does not identify any of the users in person. Browser type, IP address, usage dates, etc.
  3. The credit details entered at the time of the transaction are not stored on the website. At the time of the transaction, a payment will be referred to the clearing company. The clearing company complies with the PCI-DSS standard for information security in businesses.



  1. By signing up and by using the website, you agree to include your contact information in the database of the Site. You also authorize us to send you periodical updates on our products including special sales and other promotional content via e-mail or any other means.
  2. By using this site, you hereby consent to delivery of publications, including marketing content, including via direct mail, according to the Israeli communications law. Marketing content may be sent in a variety of ways, including via e-mail, mobile phone text messages (SMS), fax, direct mail, automated telephone dialing etc.
  3. If you wish to unsubscribe, you are welcome to send us an email and we will make sure your information will be deleted within 7 business days.
  4. The Site shall not be liable for any updates received within this time and you will be restricted from raising any argument/demand or lawsuit against the Site or any other third party related to any marketing content delivery in the said time.


Breach of the Terms of Use

  1. The user undertakes to indemnify the Site for any damage, loss of profits or expenses incurred due to the breach of these terms and conditions including legal costs. The indemnification shall not derogate from any remedy that the management of this site, its owners, or their representatives.
  2. The user shall compensate and indemnify the Site for any claim, action, demand, loss, loss of profit, charge, expense, costs and liabilities, including interest payments and attorneys and court costs in cases whereby the user shall violate the provisions of law any and / or as a result of breach of the terms of use, that have been caused directly or indirectly by the user.
  3. By using the website, the user hereby undertakes to be bound to indemnify the Site whether it is a party in litigation or not.
  4. Without limiting the foregoing, User shall pay the amount of the damage arising from responsibility, as stated above, immediately upon first demand of the management of this site. Demand for payment shall serve as definitive proof for the user's obligation to indemnify the Site.
  5. The user shall be precluded from raising any contention and / or demand against the Site regarding the liability of the user for any damage.


Legal Capacity to perform operations

  1. The use of the website constitutes a statement by the user that he is not invalid and is qualified to perform legal actions (otherwise please refrain from using the website). Nevertheless, an action that is performed by a minor user or is not qualified to perform legal actions will be done only after notifying the minor's natural guardian or guardian or his representative who is qualified to perform actions on behalf of the minor and all as understood in the Legal Qualifications and Guardianship Law 1962 ('The Representative') in the terms of these terms and conditions and subject to the consent of the Representative. Any such action performed on the site by a minor user or unfit to perform legal actions shall be at the discretion of the representative, with his consent and under his supervision and shall bind the user and his representative alike. The user of the website declares that he has a valid credit card, debit card or any other means of payment under the Debit Cards Law 1986 or has obtained any consent required by law to make use of such means of payment.


Choice of Law

  1. The laws applicable to these Terms of Use are the laws of the State of Israel. The exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising in these Terms of Use or use of the Site would be the competent courts intel-Aviv ISRAEL.
  2. You are welcome to contact us for any queries about the website and/or the terms of use. You are welcome to contact us by phone 972-52-7380792, or by e-mail noa24pe@gmail.com we would do our utmost effort to reply within 2 business days.